The UCT:StopWatch is a stopwatch to be used during practice. Using it the coach can:

  • get the times of multiple athletes arriving shortly after each other
  • assign the times to your individual athletes
  • assign a distance to the heat
  • assing an intensity to the heat
  • store the heats results permanently
  • operate up to four indenpently running stopwatches
  • filter the database of the heat results by:
    • Date and daterange
    • distances
    • intensities
    • athletes
  • export the filtered results for processing with other spreadsheet tools
  • switch between left- and righthanded operatione

UCT:StopWatch runs on all iPhones with iOS 11 or later.

0. What it is not very good at

  • The UCT:StopWatch is not very good at taking interim times.

1. How to take the times of a heat

After starting the app the view screenshot 1 is visible. After touching the lilac "Go" button, the color changes to yellow (screenshot 2). Each time you touch the now "Take the Time" labelled button a time is taken and displayed in the middle part of the view (screenshot 3). Up to eight times can thus be taken. You stop the clock buy swiping out of the yellow button. It then changes the color to pink and the label to "Reset" (screenshot 4). The then displayed, final time does not belong to the stored times. You can then reset the the clock after following the instructions in sections 2.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

2. How to assign athletes, distance and intensity

The times taken are already permanently stored. But you may assign each time an intensity, a distanced and one or multiple athletes. Assigning distance and intensity works by touching the green buttons at the lower edge of the screen. To assign athletes you touch the time in question, which is displayed in the middle part of the screen (screenshot 6). The shown shortcuts represent your athletes (section 3).

The colors used in the athletes selection screen (screenshot 5) do mean the following: a green button signals, that you can assign the respective athletes, a lilac button, that the athlete already is assigned (you can de-assign by touching again); a pink button means, that the athlete was already assigned to another time of the same heat. After you assigned an athletes it is shown in the time button as shown in screenshot 6.

Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8

3. How to update and create athletes

Athletes can be updated or created on the athletes screen. You open this screen by touching the "Athletes" button on the top right corner of the start screen (screenshot 8). After starting the app for the first time, four standard athletes are pre-created. Each athletes has a name and a shortcut. The shortcut is used when assigning, the name is used in the list of the results (section 4). Each should be unique, but this is not enforced. New athletes are created touching the New button, existing athletes can be changed by touching them in the list. Both actions lead to screenshot 9. Deleting an athlete is achieved by swiping the name left (screenshot 10).

Screenshot 9
Screenshot 10
Screenshot 11a
Screenshot 11b

4. How to manage results

Touching the button "Results" in the upper left corner of the start screen opens a screen displaying all results. The lines with dark red background seperate different dates, the yellow/green lines seperate different heats (displaying the time of day, the heat was started, the intensity (%) and the distance (m) (screenshot 12).

The results can be edited even now. If you wrongly assinged an athlete, you can touch the respective result; this opens the athlete assignment screen, and you can reassign whatever went wrong (see section 2).

If a distance or an intensity was wrongly assigned, you can change this by touching the yellow/green button.

Single results can be deleted by swiping them left.

Screenshot 12
Screenshot 13
Screenshot 14
Screenshot 15

5. How to switch between the four different stopwatches and how to use them

UCT:StopWatch offers four indepently running stopwatches. On the top border of the screen compact versions of each of these four watches are permanently displayed. If you touch the compact version, you bring the respective clock to the front (screenshot 14).


  • You can prepare up to four different kind of heats with different intensity and distance.
  • You can start the next heat, before the heat before is finished.
  • ...

6. Howto switch between left- and righthanded use

The switch to swap right handed use vs. left handed use is to found on the settings page (screenshot 13). For now, the only thing, which is changed by doing this, is the placement of the "Assign" button when assigning the athletes to the times taken (compare screenshot 5 to screenshot 14).

7. How to get help

When you need help, the built-in help function should give you first support. When you touch the question mark symbol on the main screen (screenshot 1) you are offered more question mark symbols, each to a potential area of interest. Touching one of these gives you a short explanation about what is happening there (screenshot 15). You close each of the help screens buy touching the X symbol.

Moreover, when first starting UCT:StopWatch a simple hint feature is active. While using UCT:StopWatch short animated hints are given (screenshots 11a and b). You can switch off the hint feature buy touch the switch on the settings screen (screenshot 13).

If your problem with UCT:StopWatch is not solved, feel free to contact me via Email.

8. What to do when something went wrong

  • The distance was not or wrongly assigned (see section 4).
  • The intensity was not or wrongly assigned (see section 4).
  • An athlete was not or wrongly assigned (see section 4).
  • An athlete was forgotten to be prepared in advance. Store the heats result without assigning the time of the athlete in question. After that you reset the clock. You then add the forgotten athleten (see section 3). Afterwards you can assing the time as described in section 4.