Photo Finish

This module extends the UCT:StopWatch by a photo finish function. If this function is activated, the normal timekeeping is deactivated and replaced by a series of photo finish images. These are then used to assign the athletes their respective times.

Starting the Camera

Before using Photo Finish you have to activate the camera via the button in the settings.

Using Photo Finish

Start the UCT:StopWatch like usual. When the runners are approaching the finish line, switch on Photo Finish by holding the main button for at least 0.15 seconds. After all runners have crossed the line you stop the UCT:StopWatch like usual by swiping out of the main button.

Assigning the Times

Afterwards you assign the times to the runners. While Photo Finish was active a photo was taken every tenth of a second. You now can swipe through the photos. When the "right" photo is shown, you assign one or more runners by touching the button with the time. The remaining steps are like usual.

Switching off Photo Finish

When done using Photo Finish you switch it of again via the settings.

This module will be available together with version 2.0 of UCT:StopWatch.